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Dr. Susan Herfird and Dr. William Heriford

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Suffolk, VA 23434

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Meet Dr. William Heriford

Meet Dr. William Heriford

Dr. William Heriford

Welcome to our practice! As you know, we are a family of doctors, and we love to think of our staff and patients as part of our family. We’ll treat you with gentle and compassionate care, and will always give our best efforts to ensure you have a healthy, happy smile!

Education and Continuing Education

In order to become a dentist, I attained the following educational certificates:

My continuing education efforts allow me to bring state-of-the-art dentistry to our patients by learning the very best techniques available today. We also use only the most up-to-date proven materials on the market. Our patients inspire me to become better at my craft and this allows me to teach them how to take better care of themselves and their family's dental health.

As a part of my continuing education, I regularly attend many cosmetic classes, including many hands-on dental courses with the following organizations:


My profession means the world to me! Some people say that they go to work every day just to pay the mortgage, but my job is always intriguing and fun! For over 23 years, I have found it a joy to come here every day and share in the fascinating stories all of our patients have to offer. I thoroughly enjoy caring for our patients and their teeth because our number one priority is to have our patients keep their teeth for a lifetime.

Our team is very devoted to the practice and they care greatly for all of our wonderful patients. We all have a common mission to provide excellent and very personal treatment. They pride themselves in getting to know all of the patients during treatment. Our team is well trained, making the clinical experience for the patients very positive. Our team is very empathetic towards our patients and each and every patient is given individualized attention. I could not have better people working for me, as each and every one of them has special gifts which they add to the practice.

Family Life

I am a native of Hampton, Virginia, and have lived in Suffolk for the past 33 years with my family. My beautiful wife, Susan, is a cosmetic dentist and my dental partner. Susan and I have two daughters, Diana and Julia. Diana is currently attending the University of Michigan Law School and Julia, our youngest, is at Virginia Tech. Outside the office I enjoy swimming, tennis, and snow skiing.We attend Westminster Reformed Presbyterian Church and participate in many of the classes and groups at the church. Susan and I also work extensively with Young Life ministries of Western Tidewater.

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